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  1. Carol Tansley

    Would love to win this prize liked and shared fingers crossed and everything else that can be crossed that we will be lucky enough to win this prize of a holiday

  2. Never been would love to go.

  3. Never been would love to go. After what seems an eternity let’s party.

  4. Brilliant sparkling prize giveaway!! Be great to win! Liked and shared thanks for the chance fingers and toes crossed!!

  5. Love to take my wife back to the place I proposed to her, that was 40 years ago!

  6. desperate for a ho;iday

  7. betty matthews

    amazing prize with an amazing company, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a VIP for a week after such an awful year!

  8. Elaine

    Got married 2 years go haven’t had our honeymoon as the lock down
    So would love to go x

  9. Anne Jackson

    Would be wonderful to have a holiday now

  10. Janet Forbes

    Rave on

  11. Lizann fenn

    I would really love to win this wonderful holiday x and would take my best friend with me as we have both suffered a really tough year it would be a dream come true 🀞🏻 X good luck to everyone πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  12. Just completed my cancer treatment so Could do with a holiday. Only problem would be who to take with me πŸ˜†

  13. Sharon Martin

    My favourite place to go. Would love it as have had a terrible time this year. My happy place.

  14. A holiday would be lovely.
    A free holiday for a couple of happy oldies would be. AMAZING.
    Should we hold on?

  15. Maria

    Yeah it will be the best time with my soulmate, Ibiza wait for us!!!

  16. Peter Mostyn

    Great memories of Ibiza, time to visit again!

  17. J Whitaker

    Never been to Ibiza it would be amazing!

  18. Janet Forbes

    Ibiza rocks

  19. Ruth

    I really need a holiday. I would be very happy if I got this gift.

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