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  • Your investment is safe and secure with you.
  • Top rate returns with potentially higher ROI strategy.

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Want To Earn up to UGX 100,000/Daily


Imagine Today Instantly becoming a local Chinese, Italian Virtual Restaurant Owner Without Ever Renting A Premises Or Employing Chefs Yet Selling Real Food.


Operating Virtual Retail Shops Like kukubox, Pizza Inn, Carrefour And Many Others At No Cost At All



People Who Have Discovered This Secret They Are Making Millions Every Day While Working From Their Home & Phone.  


They Cook It You Sell It ! They Stock It And You Sell It At A Profit ! 


For The First Time Ever This Is Now Possible With New Technology And We Will Teach You How.  

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The demand for services that saves time for busy consumers continues to grow, and the pandemic has further elevated the boom. The total foodservice delivery market alone is worth over UGX800 billion, (and that's just food!) with a very limited number of players.

Get A Slice Of this Billion Pound Pie By Becoming One Of The First To Get  Into This Newest Booming Business Of Food & Retail Dropshipping. 


Want to start selling online but don't really have the capital?

If you answered yes to either of these, then Tuko food and retail dropshipping business may be the answer you are looking for.

It's an excellent gateway to an online retail and food delivery business that requires less financial input than a regular online store or restaurant. Plus you don't need a warehouse to get started.

Frequently asked questions

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Wondering How Our Successful business Model works? Want To Know About How It Can Improve Your Finances ?

Do I Need To Pay Registration Or Any Joining Fee ? 
Yes, There is registration or commitment fee, We need to know if you are serious. We actually pay you As soon as you process your first order.

How Do I Qualify ?
All we are looking for are entrepreneurs with marketing capability who interested in setting up advanced online business at extremely low cost.

The Capital To Start The Food & Retail Dropshipping How Much Is Needed?
According to our experiences the entry point is UGX 10,000 which you keep in your bank account or cash. But we encourage you to have at least UGX 100,000 cash float to help your new venture flow without any issues
All you need is smartphone and a Laptop (if possible ) and commitment to succeed. 

Do I Need To Pay Tuko Anything ?
No! This is your Business, Actual we pay you for every order that you process.
If your order is over UGX 1Million we will pay daily by 6pm. 
You don't need to pay us a peny, all the money for the capital, keep in in your bank account or in cash you will need it to process your customers orders and we will pay you back withing 7 Days Including all your profit minus our commission which ranges 10-20% Percent depending on the store. We never ask money from you. It is you that will ask us for money.

How Do I make My Money?
Very Simple, Once you Register and go through our training and get approved. We will help you to build up a profitable store. You will earn money by charging customers a packaging charge about UGX500, If you receive 100 Orders thats UGX 500,000 an avarage KFC receives minumum of 1000 orders a day.

If you set up your own branded store, you can charge more and have a marging profit of 20-40% profit. This can range upto £4000.00 A day depending on the type of store you are marketing. Free training will be given for free. 

How Do I Deliver The Goods To The Customers?
Very Easy ! We have a pool of delivery drivers available in your local area. The Customers will pay for the delivery. But If you prefer to deliver yourself  then there is an extra 2500/= or more to make but we suggest you stick to your shop and market it. You can even employ your own drivers and we have that already integrated in your store.
Pay them salary and keep the profit. This will increase your Profit. e.g 100 orders at packaging charge 500 + 2500/= for Delivery  this will give you 300,000/= Per day. Pay your 3 Drivers 25,000/= per day this will leave with 225,000/=  Per Day Minus Our Commissions at 15% You will be left with 191,250/=  Cash Daily That is UGX 5,355,000 Per Month ..... What else do you want ? Yes Over 5 Million In a Month ....

Can I track the delivery of my store orders?
Yes, You can track each order all way to Delivery and payment, through your Tuko Store web Portal and Your Tuko Store App.

How Do I get Paid For The Goods & Products That I have Sold?
Very Easy !! Once you have processed and order and you have made sure that you have arranged the delivery. Once the Order has been Succesful delivered to the customer. The Funds will be automatically credited into your Tuko Wallet all you need is to request a cash withdraw from your Tuko Store App and we wil credit your nomited bank accounts or Mobile Money Number that are with us with right amount, Minus our Commission. Normally this process is done automatically every 7 days. But if you ordered the wrong products or goods you will be held accountable not the customer.
 Read our Terms & Conditions)

Remember you operate the store as a self-employed business . 

Can I operate multiple Stores?
Yes you can, But this will have to be decided by perfomace and our senior managers here at Tuko. We can even help you in setting up your first store.

Can I rent My Shop Or Website When I am gone for Holiday?
Yes, You can but that between you and whosover you want to rent it to them that's private agreement. But if you want to sell your shop you will need to let us know so we can interview and transfer it to the new owner. But remember that we have right to cancel or close any store in tuko app without ant notice or warning.

How Quick can I start ?
As soon as possible, As soon as you attend our training sessions and get verified. 

Store are Geo-located, and are allocated on first come first served basis. we cannot guaranteed. That they will be avaiable in your area if you register late.

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Start Earning Money Today With Your Tuko App Dropshipping Business!


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