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Imagine Today Instantly becoming a local Chinese, Italian Virtual Restaurant Owner Without Ever Renting A Premises Or Employing Chefs Yet Selling Real Food.


Operating Virtual Retail Shops Like JD, B&Q, Tesco And Many Others At No Cost At All


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The demand for services that save time for busy consumers continues to grow, and the pandemic has further elevated the boom. The total foodservice delivery market alone is worth over £8.5 billion, (and that's just food!) with a very limited number of players.

Get A Slice Of this Billion Pound Pie By Becoming One Of The First To Get  Into This Newest Booming Business Of Food & Retail Dropshipping. 


Want to start selling online but don't really have the capital?

If you answered yes to either of these, then Tuko food and retail dropshipping business may be the answer 

It's an excellent gateway to an online retail and food delivery business that requires less financial input than a regular online store or restaurant. Plus you don't need a warehouse to get started.

To break it down, here's how the process flows:

Step #1

Open up a free Online Store account with Tuko App Store. Get Verified And Approved The Same Day. 

Step #2

Get a Free Website, And back-end Store admin portal. Stock Up your Store Or Restaurant with good and products, create Menus and 

Set up prices and Market It Through friends & Family Including Social Media.. 

Step #3

The retailer doesn't actually hold these products or food, they are held by the supplier or physical stores /restaurant  (who could be local or anywhere in the world). The prices are the same as in the physical stores but the retailer applies a packaging surcharge to the order.

Step #4

When a customer orders food or a product from the Tuko App/website, the retailer receives a notification who then goes to the physical store or restaurant  and places the order and pays for it on the customer’s behalf.

Step #5

The Tuko retailer delivers or arranges delivery to the end customer directly through our app. 

Step #6

Once the order is delivered successfully, Tuko will reinstate you the amount paid for the order plus the packaging charge (your profit).

All we are looking for are entrepreneurs with marketing capability who interested in setting up advanced online business at extremely low cost.

Easy To Get Started

If you want to take the fast-track to becoming an online retailer, then starting a food and retail dropshipping business could be the way to go. 

This is mostly because food and retail dropshipping doesn't require the initial resources needed to start a conventional online store, such as large capital, office space, warehouse space, commitment, etc.

Little To No Investment

Perhaps the best thing about the Tuko food and retail dropshipping business model is that you don't have to purchase and hold the stock you sell. You only need enough money to buy the goods once the order has been made by the customer.

This is great, because it means that:

You only need a small amount of capital to buy the goods in the first place. You don't need to physically hold stock and pay for it to be housed. Finally, if the goods aren't selling, you aren't out of pocket because you haven't invested in 500 units that are then left gathering dust if there are no sales

It's Flexible

Flexibility is key to a lot of modern retailers who start their businesses as an experiment alongside their existing jobs. You could run a Tuko food and retail dropshipping business from just about anywhere with an internet connection, making it an excellent option for those seeking flexibility from their eCommerce venture.

As long as you can easily communicate with Tuko App and are able to physically get to the store, you can run and manage your business.  

More Choice of Products

As you don't need to stock up on or store the products you sell, there's a lot more choice of items you can offer. 

There's also no need to concern yourself with the upfront cost of the products or the cost and space required to house those products, meaning that you can choose to sell anything from food, clothes, shoes, health and beauty products, to anything else you can get your hands on.


The reality is, it's far easier to grow a food and retail dropshipping business than a traditional online store.

As your order numbers increase, the work falls to the physical store rather than you, allowing you to grow the business without the costs of hiring extra staff to help with the work incurred by the extra sales. This lets you scale easier and quicker than traditional eCommerce stores.

Not Overly Competitive

Food and supermarket dropshipping is a viable business model for many because of its low barriers to entry. Common dropshipping business are highly competitive (example clothes retailers) and a lot of people are doing it. But with Tuko food and retail dropshipping, it’s easier and quicker to succeed. Competition is not stiff and it’s easier to make a name for yourself.

Start Earning Money Today

Start Earning Money Today With Your Tuko App Dropshipping Business!


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Frequently asked questions

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Wondering how the ou business model works? Want to know about how it can improve your finances ?

Do I need To Join any Joining Fee?No, You Dont Need To Pay Us Anything upfront. We actually pay you As soon as you process your first order.

The Capital To Start The Food & Retail Dropshipping How Much Is Needed?According to our experiences the entry point is £100 but we encourage you to have at least £500 cash float to help your new venture flow without any issues

Do I Need To Pay Tuko The Capital That I Need To Do Food & Retail Dropshipping Of £500 Or More?No! This is your Business, You dont need to pay us a peny, all the money for the capital, keep in inyour bank account or in cash you will need it to process your customers orders and we will pay you back withing 7 Days Including all your profit minus our commission which ranges 10-20% Percent depending on the store.

How Do I make My Money?Very Simple, Once you Register and go through our training and get approved. We will help you to build up a profitable store. You will earn money buy charging customers a packaging charge about £5.00, If you receive 100 Orders thats £500.00 an avarage McDonalds receives minumum of 2000 orders a day.

How Do I Deliver The Goods To The Customers?Very Easy ! We have a pool of delivery drivers available in your local area. The Customers will pay for the delivery. But If you prefer to deliver yourself  then there is an extra £3.50 or more to make but we suggest you stick to your shop and market it. You can even employ your own drivers and we have that already incoperated in your store. Pay them salary and keep the profit. This will increase your Profit. e.g 100 orders at packaging charge £5.00 + £3.50 for Delivery  this will give you £850 Per day. Pay your 3 Drivers £50.00 per day this will leave with
£700 Per Day Minus Our Commissions at 15% You will be left with £595 Cash Daily That is £17,850 Per Month ..... What else do you want ?

Can I track the delivery of my store orders?Yes, You can track each order all way to Delivery and payment, through your Tuko Store web Portal and Your Tuko Store App.

How Do I get Paid For The Goods & Products That I have Sold?Very Easy !! Once you have processed and order and you have make sure that you have arranged the delivery. Once the Order been Succesful delivered to the customer. The Funds will automatically credit into your Tuko Wallet allyou need is to request a withdraw and we wil credit your bank accounts that are with us with right amount, Minus our Commission. Normally this process is done automatically every 7 days. But if you ordered wrong products or goods you will be held accountable not the customer.
 Read our Terms & Conditions)

Can I operate multiple Stores?Yes you can, But this will have to be decided by perfomace and our senior managers here at Tuko

Can I rent My Shop Or Website When I am gone for Holiday?Yes, You can but that between you and whosover you want to rent it to them that's private agreement. But if you want to sell your shop you will need to let us know so we can interview and transfer it to the new owner. But remember that we have right to cancel or close any store in tuko app without ant notice or warning.

How Quick can I start ?As soon as possible, As soon as you attend our training sessions and get verified.