Start Your Own Getir, Zapp, Jiffy, Gorillas Grocery Delivery Business

My guess is you have already seen most if not all of these companies rushing to do grocery delivery business. Many of them have raised up millions of pounds from investors especially in London and the reason why is because there is big, easy money to make from this type of business model. The mindset of many has changed because of the pandemic and influx of modern day technology and it's not going to change back. This is why companies are spending millions of pounds burning each other, hoping for the future benefit. 


Many of these companies are spending millions of pounds per year having to pay for staff, products and warehouses. For them it's not going to last long because of of the competition. And because of the agressiveness of these companies, many local stores are going to go out of business. Just like 5 years ago when Uber came, many local taxi businesses went out of business. But Today you can partake in this business at no cost at all sharing a £6+ Billion stake in this industry. Tuko Store can you help you start your own Getir, Zapp, or Gorillas business model with the ability to recruit your own delivery drivers, create jobs in your local neighbourhood, and start making money from day one at no cost to you at all. And if you are really determined, you can make up to a six figure income this way.


Everyone needs to eat but not everyone likes to shop. In a world where the time crunch is constantly crunching harder, plenty of people happily pay to have someone else get their groceries or shopping. Like when starting any business, if you have a reliable vehicle and the time to drive, this service can be a money-maker.


Consider Your Options


There's more than one way to set up a grocery delivery business:


  • 1. Think of catering to specific market segments 
  • 2. Scout for specific essential products from a local shop and check the prices 
  • 3. Register & open up your Tuko Store to get a free online store and App plus a free back-end office portal and software to mange your business 
  • 4. Upload their menu, products and prices on your Tuko Store 
  • 5. Add a profit margin or packaging fee to your Tuko Store
  • 5. Make sure your opening times match theirs 
  • 6. Share your Tuko Store website & market your store, advertise in your social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp groups or Google
  • 7. Start with friends, family and neighbours as your base customers, consider advertising in neighbourhood forums 
  • 8. Recruit & register local people as delivery drivers or deliver it yourself to make more money
  • Consider your needs before you choose your path. Reselling wholesale groceries is usually more profitable than contracting with local supermarkets, for instance. However, it also requires doing the marketing yourself and deciding what groceries you'll carry. Working with a supermarket takes a lot of the marketing burden off your shoulders.


Tech And Food


If you're in business for yourself, you need some way for customers to tell you what they want and when they want it. Tuko Store will provide you with all these for free to get the job done. You will find it more effective as you set up your Tuko Store website for customers to make orders from. That's important if you're buying wholesale to resell or delivering meal kits. However if you're targeting the senior market, keep in mind many of your customers may not use a computer or smartphone. Our customer centre can help you to process the order through the phone. 


Know Your Competition


Before launching your grocery delivery business, look around and see what the competition is like. Are there existing services locally?

If so, how can you carve out your own market niche? For instance, if your rivals deliver grocery foods and you're willing to hit the weekend farmers' market, that might help your company stand out. E.g butchers, grocery, nationalities stores such as Latino, European, African, American or general stores to cater for specific unique ethinicities. 



Equipments & Operating Cost


  • 1. Get a nice android phone 6.0 or upwards & a small wireless printer (you will need this for printing receipts) or 
  • 2. Invest in a Combined Tuko Android POS system & Printer Cost (about £150) 
  • 3. You'll need about £100-500 capital to start immediate local purchases when your orders comes through.
  • 4. Paid advertising cost on Social media
  • 5. A bicycle, car or motorbike for delivery ( But you could employ other people to do it for you or you could use tuko providers for free if there are any in your area) 
  • 6. Free training will be given in house to use your equipment)
  • 7. Upload your menu and do it yourself for free or use one of our specialist providers for a fixed rate of £25 per store

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