How to Start A Food Product Business

Many people have a special recipe or extraordinary cooking talents and think of developing a line of food products to capitalize on their gifts. However, more than a good-tasting dish is needed to start and grow a food business. In addition to legalities, which vary from state to state and even city to city, you will need to tackle marketing and developing relationships with retailers. If you have the ambition and drive, starting a food product business can be lucrative and rewarding.


Focus on a specific type, or niche, of food to produce. This should be something you're familiar with making, and that you can make in a way that's better or different from foods currently on the market. For instance, you can make vegan fudge sauce, soul food seasonings or organic dessert mixes.


Contact your local department of public health and ask what are the requirements for starting a food product business. (Register for good hygeine cerificate) (All this depends on the country that you live).


If possible write a vision and goals of your new business. Just a simple business plan detailing how you will start and grow your food product business. Include information about your chosen niche; startup costs; three-year detailed operating expenses; three-year profit projections; analysis of your competitors; marketing and public relations plan; plans for expansion and growth.


Become familiar with Food and Drug Administration guidelines concerning the production and sales of food, including safety and sanitation regulations, how to choose appropriate packaging and how to properly label food products.


Develop appealing packaging for your products. For example, if you start out by placing your spice mixes in simple jars, you can design attractive, informative labels for them. Packaging that stands out will encourage curious consumers to try your brand, and will give retailers an incentive to carry your products.


Secure venues to sell your food products via your own Tuko store-commerce & Tuko super App.


Join a professional food producer's association. Doing so will help you meet new suppliers, get business tips and ideas from peers, connect with potential clients and keep up on industry trends.


Market your food product line. Send news releases to food product reviewers and publications that cover specialty food products, launch a promotional blog or website, and hand out samples at the events you attend.


Consider Your Options


There's more than one way to set up a food & delivery business:


  • 1. Think of catering to specific market segments 
  • 2. Register & Open up your Tuko Store and get a free online store and App plus free back-end office portal and software to mange your business 
  • 3. Upload your menu, products and competive prices on your Tuko Store 
  • 5. Make sure your opening times are ideal, consider opening early and sometimes closing late 
  • 6. Share your Tuko Store website & market your store; advertise in your social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp groups or Google
  • 7. Start with friends, family and neighbours as your base customers; consider advertising in neighbourhood forums 
  • 8. Recruit & register local people as delivery drivers or deliver yourself to make more money


Tech And Food


If you're in business for yourself, you need some way for customers to tell you what they want and when they want it. Tuko Store will provide you with all these for free to get the job done. You will find it more effective as you set up your Tuko Store website for customers to make orders from. That's important if you are delivering meal kits. However if you're targeting the senior market, keep in mind many of your customers may not use a computer or smartphone. Our customer centre can help you to process the order through the phone. 


Equipments & The Operating Cost


  • 1. Get a nice android phone 6.0 or upwards & a small wireless printer ( you will need this for printing receipts) or 
  • 2. Invest in a Combined Tuko Android POS system & Printer Cost (about £150)
  • 3. Thermal delivery bag/s
  • 4. Packaging material for the food 
  • 5. Paid advertising cost on Social media
  • 6. Free training will be given on how to use your Equipment
  • 7. Upload your Menu and do it yourself for free or use one of our specialist providers for a fixed rate of £25 per store
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