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10 Benefits Of Using Tuko Super App

  • 1. It Runs On Your Mobile Device! Both iPhone & Android


  • 2. No Need For Heavy Equipments Anymore, Save Space, Time And Money. Just Use Your Smartphone


  • 3. Free To Join! No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Startup Fees!


  • 4. Better Rates! We Only Take 10% Commission - The Rest Is Yours To Keep!



  • 5. No Drivers? No Problem! We Can Provide Them For Free!


  • 6. Free Website And Digital App For Your Business


  • 7. Access To Our Vast & Increasing Marketplace To Bring Your Business Before Thousands Of Potential New Clients


  • 8. Safe Online Ordering System To Reduce The Risk Of Physical Payment Or Cash On Delivery If You Prefer


  • 9. Free Tuko Self-Order Kiosk For In-Store Ordering & QR Codes To Order From The Table
  • 10. Fully Integrated System Means You Can Serve Customers Wherever They Are

Already using Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats etc?


This is not a problem, in fact it can work to your benefit.

There is no doubt that the big well known brands like just eat and Deliveroo are used by millions of people and are a convenient way to bring in new customers due to the popularity and widespread use of their mobile app and brand recognition, so why not take advantage of this.


Step 1. Place Your Tuko Store Url buttons on your website and Facebook page.

Don’t have a website, no problem, you can setup your free instant website from your Tuko store 

Congratulations, you are now using the best alternative to Just Eat & Deliveroo 🙂


Step 2. Encourage your existing customers to place future orders via your website, facebook page or the Tuko Super App instead of using Just Eat, Deliveroo or Ubereats.


This can be done simply by promoting these options on your flyers and other marketing materials and offering promotional deals to your customers who order via these methods.


The more customers who order via Tuko Super App, the more money you will save on commissions.

We even have a “first buy promo” deal that you can use specifically for this purpose.


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