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We provide a One Stop Shop On-Demand Services solution to customers, helping them choose Great Service Providers and helping Great Service Providers succeed.

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Please enter what services you want to provide in Tuko , E.g Driver, Hairstylist, Gym Instructor, Taxi
Enter the Location that you want to operate from: e.g London,Edinburgh, Kent
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How does it work?

1. Registration And Login

Register yourself on the app or website by providing your email address and phone number. If you are already registered on the Tuko provider app then login by providing your ID and password.

2. Enter Your Location And Choose A Service You Want To Provide

Enter your location e.g London, Kent and choose the Service you want to provide ex. Car Wash, Home Cleaning, Electrician, Tow Truck, Beautician, Carpenter, Doctor, Fitness Coach, Tutor etc

3. Set Up Your Profile & Set your own Prices And Schedule

If a customer likes your message, profile and your reviews, they will book you. 

We will alert you by text message and email. 

Check in your Tuko provider app at booking for orders. Click to accept the Job or Reject it.

4. Choose The Location Of The Service

Choose the location where you would be providing the Services. You can opt to provide your service at the user's location or your own location.

5. Start Receiving Bookings

Upload pictures of your previous works to help get more business.

Set your prices. You will need to do this through the web portal. We put a minimum charge but from there it’s up to you to charge as much or as little as you want. 

Set up your availability. We never put pressure on our service providers to work according to our schedule. You are free to provide your services according to your convenient schedule. Be your own boss.

6. Track Your Job Progress

Once the Service is booked, you can track the Job Progress from within the App. Check your bookings on your profile. Within 2 Hours to the Job Receive a free navigation system within the app to help you locate the Job location. Free calls for you to communicate with the customer.

7.  View Invoice Summary Get Paid In Cash Or Card

Complete the job, add any miscellaneous costs, confirm with the customers and In the end, view the Invoice Summary for the Service booked. Get paid in Cash or Card which ever the way the customers prefers to pay. For Cash Jobs you will need have a minimum of £15.00 in your wallet account. 

8. Ask For Genuine Reviews And Feedbacks

Do a great job and remember to ask for feedback when you've finished the service. Getting more feedback will help you win more work in the future.

Sign up for Tuko Provider App and start receiving  Jobs in your area.

Frequently asked questions

Do You Charge A Shortlist Fee Or Brokers Fees ?

No we don't charge you at all. We guarantee you'll get to quote for every job you accept. You only pay a commission between 10-15% of every job you complete and get paid for.

Can The Customer Pay Me In Cash?

Yes, you can get paid in cash or by card. For you to receive cash jobs you will need to have at least a minimum of £15.00 on your wallet. This where we deduct our commission. If you don't top up your wallet you'll only be able to recive card jobs. Where we receive payment on your behalf, we deduct our commission and we pay the balance to your nominated bank account every 7 days. If you want larger cash jobs make sure you have a large deposit on your wallet. E.g if you want to make sure you receive jobs for over £200 then you will need at least £30.00 on your wallet (15% of the job value)

How Are Tuko Job Leads Priced ?

We don't set any prices for any jobs, we only put a minimum price on every job in order to activate that category on our system. You will need to set up your own prices through the web portal with the same email and password you used to set up your account. 

***This could be an hourly rate or a set rate price

Tuko App can never be held responsible for the price of your services. You can charge as you want but we do monitor prices to make sure that our customers are not over-charged.

How do I pay?

We don't chase you for payment; we deduct our comission from your wallet top-up. If you don't top-up your wallet and you don't pay the commission after completing a big job, you will be locked out the system. Our office will then call you and you can pay by card or by bank transfer. 

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